The first CWP flyer posted around Seattle in 2006

Chicken With Penis is a comic zine published in Seattle, WA by Chow Chow Productions. Originally CWP was a series of 3 flyers that were posted in Seattle during the summer/fall of 2006. In late 2008 the name was revived as the name of a comic zine created by Gordon Gordon and Bernard Boulevard.

It was during the first issue that we discovered that Chicken With Penis was not welcomed at many of the establishments where we leave our other (pinball) zine Skill Shot. This forced us to re-think our distribution policy for CWP and lead us to our current method of simply handing them out to people on the streets (at night). Although there are a few places that allow us to leave copies of the zine, most people obtain the comic simply by being in the area that we are handing them out at.

Although the comics in Chicken With Penis are mostly written and drawn by Bernard and Gordon, we do accept (and encourage) contributions.

The Second CWP flyer

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